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A word about restricting. - 12 Steps to Recovery
~friends with food~

User: 12steps4today (posted by rain_in_myheart)
Date: 2007-07-10 10:15
Subject: A word about restricting.
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We all know restricting isn't limited to the anorexic side of eating disorders.  Skipping meals is considered taking your will back, regardless of what size the scale says you are. I can not tell you how many former coe's I know who have found them self in quite a state of shock to find that weight loss through applied will does not make you free.
Of course after you have truly taken your 2nd and 3rd step these things become a bit more clear.
These steps are a fluid and dynamic process. I know it's not something you can do just once and then be done with. You cant eat one meal and say ok, I'm done, I ate......life goes on. You have to eat every day to keep yourself alive and you have to keep up with the steps to keep free.
Yea, I didn't come to this understanding overnight. I was fourteen when I was first introduced to the steps.
That was 17 years ago.
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